Good for Us!

I just read this headline which says, “Evangelicals trail other faiths on global warming,” and I say, Kudos to evangelicals! 

Then, I saw this headline, and I was again befuddled: “Christians call for greater action on earth day. ”  Once again, I have no problem with caring for the environment, planting trees, and keeping waterways clean. 

I do, however, have a problem with diving headfirst into a shallow beach, which is exactly what the global warming crowd has done.  Beyond concern for the environment, this movement is ready to adapt an ethic based on the perceived impact to mother earth.  This is (a) foolish; (b) dangerous.  It is foolish because there is not proof substantiating global warming impact.  Neither is it proven that our efforts sufficiently diminish such impact.

It is dangerous because a group of technocrats end up determining “moral” behavior for everyone based on unproven scientific theories.  So, for instance, we are told we must use cloth diapers; then, we are told we cannot.  One day we are supposed to drink bottled water; the next day we are not.  We thought that recycling would heal our helpless mother, but then we learned that the recycling trucks do more damage than the recycling healed, and the net impact is supposed to be worse after recycling.

I’d rather base my morality and ethic on something more substantial than global junk science.  Christians, don’t be afraid to get left behind by the global warming gang.

What do you think?

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