The Gulf Stream of Oil

Like Russ Moore, I am concerned about the people along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and Louisiana.  Also like Russ, I grew up along the Gulf Coast (except I was privileged to be from the Louisiana side).  His blog does so much to point out what is good and right about our concern for creation.  Yet, I find one thing lacking in his commentary, and it is the same thing lacking in practically every news story about the spill.  There were 11 men killed in the explosion.  Whatever the economic and environmental impact may be is still a matter of future speculation.  The human cost is already at a tragic proportion.  I understand we must be fighting to get the oil stopped and under control.  Sure, that is urgent.  But we must not forget the families who have lost loved ones.  The Gulf Oil spill is a human tragedy first (and already).  Hopefully, the catastrophic environmental tragedy may still be averted.  (Though the response of the government may not be adequate: See Here).

What do you think?

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