Historic Change?

I do not have the Inauguration glow that many have today.  I think the problem is all mine.  I know this is a day for America, when we unite behind the free democratic process which has worked and delivered to us a president, an historic president (as we are so frequently reminded).

Well, history is a grand story which is larger than any one man, even larger this this one who is taking over the office of president.  And I cannot shake the reality that history is already writing a grim rebuttal to our enthusiasm.  We are supposed to put aside our “partisan politics” today, but I don’t consider 40 million human babies killed to be a matter of partisan politics; it is a matter of human life and human history.  The historic change underway may well be a turn for the worse.

As human history writes its story, let us remember where we are in that story.  We are in the midst of what might prove to be the greatest horror of human carnage in history.  Pol Pot killed 3 million.  Hitler killed 6-9 million.  Stalin killed about 20 million.  America has killed 40 million.  Only Mao’s China exceeds the 40 million mark.

I cannot be excited about a black president who has promised to rescind Reagan’s Mexico City Policy.  I cannot be excited about a president–whatever his color–who has promised as first priority to pass the FOCA, which attempts to single-handedly eliminate so many of the pro-life gains in state elections over the past two decades.  For the current state of pro-life affairs, see here.

Today seems to me to mark a giant step backwards for the pro-life movement in America.  I would be discouraged beyond despair if it were not for him who is the resurrection and the life.  Praise be to Him on this historic day.

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  1. I could not agree with you more. Very sad day for several reasons. It’s sad that a “historic day” for human race relations had to be at the death of more children.


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