Persecution Violates Human Rights

This story from China Aid makes the claim that the persecution of Christians is a violation of human rights.  Isn’t it astounding that such a blatant reality has to be spelled out for folks?  Of course the persecution of Christians violates human rights!

Yet, as the story indicates, it must be spelled out because the dolts at the U.N. don’t seem to understand that human rights extend to Christians.  This report indicates that China’s record is not so good for 2008.  According to the 2008 report,

“The year of the Beijing Olympic Games marks a year of increased persecution of house church Christians. In 2008, the total number of house church Christians persecuted in the nation increased 157%. In Beijing alone, persecution increased 418%.”

Next week the U.N. will make some decisions about China based on this report.  This week is the time to get informed and involved. Read it now.

What do you think?

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