More From Eugenic Soil

In my recent Nazi euthanasia lecture, I argued that it is not in our best interest to claim that certain actions and procedures are linked to Nazism because then the defending party would only need to demonstrate that his actions aren’t the same as Nazi actions.  In almost all cases, this would prove true.  The example I used was the debate in the Netherlands about killing babies (pediatric euthanasia).  Those defending the barbaric practice can say (with a grain of honesty) that what they are doing is not the same as what the Nazis were doing.  That is correct (albeit in a limited sense). 

At any rate, rather than trying to link specific actions to Nazism, I think we are better served by understanding the soil out of which Nazi practices grow.  Specifically, there are some red flags to which we ought to be sensitive.  One of those red flags is to have government authorities controlling end of life decisions.  The quickest way to have that happen is to have a government-controlled healthcare.  It is inevitable that resources will become scarce, rationed, and inefficient.  When that happens, a government employee will decide that grandma will just have to be let go. 

Check out a section of the proposed healthcare bill here and see what you think.  If that doesn’t scare you,


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