The Soil of Eugenics

Eugenics–the thought that we can improve the human race through genetic engineering–has been around since the 19th Century; it started by taking God out of the picture (naturalism).  It quickly joined hands with Darwinian evolution and the modern penchant for progress.  It came to full flower in Germany, of course; yet, it has been in the U.S. since the 19th Century and is still being promoted by liberals today (Planned Parenthood, for instance).

Thanks to Angela at, who pointed out yet another instance of eugenic thinking at the elite level of U.S. academics.  This time, Obama’s science czar (what’s with all these czars? we’ve got more czars than Russia ever had… )–anyway, Obama’s science czar argued for forced abortions and sterilizations to depopulate our pristine planet.  Of course, he and his co-authors now disavow their positions, but read this article for the full story.

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