What If They’re Wrong?

Maybe our title question is one we are not supposed to ask, but, what if Al Gore and the global warming prophets of doom are wrong?  Wouldn’t it mean that we could drive whatever cars we wanted?  Wouldn’t it mean that we could have more–rather than less–babies?  Wouldn’t it mean no more taxing of the gas that comes forth from cows?  We could drink bottled water.  We could recycle, or not.  What a wonderful world this would be.

Once again, another report has been issued which renders the global warming hysteria dubious, if not an outright myth.  According to this report, almost 90% of the temperature recording sites fail to meet the standards for accurate temperature measure.  In other words, if your thermometer reads a warmer temperature, it might not mean the surface temperature of the earth is rising.  It might simply mean that you shouldn’t place the thermometer in a black asphalt parking lot, or on a hot roof, or beside an exhaust fan.  Putting the thermometer in places like this will cause the temperature reading to, um, rise.

What do you think?

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