Kidnapping or Honor Killing?

This story about Rifqa Bary is interesting on a number of levels.  She is in danger.  Some say the threat is kidnapping.  She claims the danger is from her family killing her.  This young woman is only 17; so, she is still considered a minor.  It’s possible that the pastor in Florida or others helped her.  Potentially, laws have been broken by people who helped her run away and get to Florida.  If so, then those who broke the law should answer for their violations.

That being said, I find it astounding that this AP article never mentioned honor killings.  I have posted before on honor killings.  There are tons of tragic stories from around the world and from the U.S. which validate the young woman’s claim that she might be killed by her own family.  The article–incredulously–never considers the possibility that the young woman may be in danger.  They make no mention of honor killings.  We should keep our eyes on Rifqa in the days ahead.  Obviously, we don’t know yet whether she really is in danger, but we must admit she may be.

What do you think?

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