Dishonorable Killings Continue

I just read this devastating account of a couple in Lahore, Pakistan, who killed their 16 year old daughter because she was talking to a young man. In many Shariah-compliant Muslim communities, parents are driven to kill their children (almost always their daughters) in order supposedly to preserve the honor of the Muslim family. As... Continue Reading →

More News About Christians in Egypt

As feared, the revolution in Egypt appears to be escalating the violence against Christians in the home place of the pyramids.  According to this news report, Christians in the village of Soul (which is 30 kilometers from Cairo) were ambushed by a mob of 7,000 angry Muslims.  The Muslims stormed the Church of St. Mina... Continue Reading →

(Dis)Honor Killings

Mark Steyn, as usual, does a very nice job of outlining the severity of the problem of so-called honor killings.  This short article by him links to other important articles on the subject.  There is a history of Muslims killing daughters, wives, nieces, and other women who wish for freedom from Islam.  No one wants... Continue Reading →

Rifqa Update

Rifqa--the young Muslim from Ohio who fled to Florida because of fears of being killed by her family--is now in a much more precarious situation than before.  She is in danger of being deported back to Sri Lanka; it appears that her parents were living here illegally for the past 5 years.  The story linked... Continue Reading →

Rifqa Update

In case you haven't been following the Rifqa Bary story, here is the latest report, which says that she has been granted a reprieve which will allow her to stay in Florida for now.  This 17 year old convert to Christianity has caused quite a stir in the media.  We all still await the outcome... Continue Reading →

Kidnapping or Honor Killing?

This story about Rifqa Bary is interesting on a number of levels.  She is in danger.  Some say the threat is kidnapping.  She claims the danger is from her family killing her.  This young woman is only 17; so, she is still considered a minor.  It's possible that the pastor in Florida or others helped... Continue Reading →

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