Dishonorable Killings Continue

Lahore City Centre
Lahore City Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read this devastating account of a couple in Lahore, Pakistan, who killed their 16 year old daughter because she was talking to a young man. In many Shariah-compliant Muslim communities, parents are driven to kill their children (almost always their daughters) in order supposedly to preserve the honor of the Muslim family.

As I have written before, I cannot think of much that could be more dishonorable. Yet, this kind of killing is not uncommon. In Pakistan, for example, there have reportedly been at least 1,000 such killings this year. Astounding, isn’t it?

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  1. what is a shariah compliant community? and how does Lahore fit that description? does it follow shariah law? what is the shariah punishment for a girl talking to a young man?

    Its strange because my friend’s brother has met a girl on the internet from Lahore (her family is there but he is in Bahrain working) and the family have agreed to marry her to him…….

    something doesn’t add up!


    1. Why would I remove your post? You are entitled to your opinion and free to share it respectively, even if we disagree. I assume we at least agree that these honor killings are inexcusable.


      1. yes we definitely do, I 100% agree with you that there is nothing honourable in killing your daughter,

        What I know from people living in Lahore and have seen on wedding dvds and stuff is far from a society which is shariah compliant as you put it!

        There is honour based violence in UK as well, which has nothing to do with shariah or Muslims;

        “The parents of a 17-year-old girl, jailed for attacking her because she was going out with a black man, have been called “disgraceful” by a judge.

        David Champion, 50, from Swansea, and his wife Frances, hit daughter Jane for “bringing shame” on the family….
        After abusing and assaulting Mr Ncube, Champion then grabbed his daughter, now 18, by her hair.

        He accused her of “bringing shame” on the family and started to hit her.

        Nicola Powell, prosecuting, said: “He told her she was destroying the family and pushed her out of the front door of the family home in St Thomas, Champion shouting racist language to describe Mr Ncube.”


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