Are Christians Persecuted in America?

Well, we have been discussing Christians in Egypt a good bit lately, but what about Christians in America? Do you think Christians suffer persecution in America?

It would be great to hear your opinions below. If you are interested in my attempt to answer the question rightly, you can check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Are Christians Persecuted in America?

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  1. Greg,
    I think we experience a mild form of persecution her now but in light of what i see around the world, I have a hard time calling it persecution. I get cursed at regularly when I witness on the streets – especially in places like New Orleans – Bourbon Street and most recently we were harassed and nearly arrested by the Fort Worth police while witnessing at the Superbowl, but I generally don’t take my life in my hands when doing this. So calling it persecution is very hard for me to do.


    1. Darrel,
      I understand. I know you have experienced it much more than I have. I appreciate your calling and your faithfulness. I pointed out in the article the very tension you mention. I think it is exactly the right way to feel about the subject, but Jesus does call it persecution in Matthew 5:10-12, and it is important for reasons which I hope to explain later. Thanks for your comment.


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