Negotiating Persecution

September 22, 2009

SHANXI–Late on Saturday night, September 19, 2009, local security officials cornered six Fushan Church leaders and brought them to a secret meeting place for negotiations with 20 government officials. Singled out for their influence, the negotiating party included the wife of the Fushan Church pastor. Under pressure from the Central Government, the leading Fushan PSB officer expressed a desire to make amends for the agency’s corporate actions, with the goal of preventing any turmoil that could potentially mar the 60th anniversary National Day celebrations. Angered by the brutal treatment, but willing to cooperate, the six members raised their concerns, including the continued critical conditions of several hospitalized victims and the destruction of 17 buildings on the factory compound. They requested 1.5 million yen to cover the damages, and the negotiations wore on heatedly throughout the night.


Despite their apparent willingness to negotiate, the local authorities remained unrepentant: One officer reportedly shouted, “But the church building itself was illegal!.” The pastor’s wife responded, “Even if it was an illegal church, did it have to be violent?” The authorities had no response.

At daybreak on Sunday morning, the Fushan PSB verbally agreed to pay a reparations fee of 1.4 million yen to Fushan Church, under the condition that the church would not construct a religious building in the future. “Call it whatever you want; just don’t call it a church!” The six members were released to return home after a full night of secret negotiations.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu remains wary: “We are not sure if their promise was sincere. I spoke with the pastor of Fushan Church today, and they still had not heard from the officials. This may be a tactic to delay any actions against the government before the National Day on October 1st.”

There has been little resolution for the 80,000 members of Fushan Church. Only days after the attack, the Fushan PSB shut off all power, water and communication lines to neighboring Jin Deng (Golden Lamp) Church, whose members aided victims of the attack on September 13th. Believers who have since assembled at the ruined site to pray for the church have been repeatedly chased away by security officers, threatening to beat them and forcibly dispersing the crowds. (View video of the believers prayer vigil). Officials guard the church site and block communication and traffic to churches in the surrounding communities, stifling all movement to prevent religious gatherings.

The crackdown continued when the Fushan PSB arrested and detained church member Shan Yongchang on Saturday, September 17, for send text messages to friends and family about the devastation of the church. He is still in custody, and no one has heard from him since his arrest.

It is clear that the Central government will do anything to protect the image of the Party, and suppress all perceived threats to a harmonious National Day celebration. In light of the facts, it remains to be seen whether the midnight agreement with Fushan Church is kept–or compromised.


View more details on the Fushan House Church Attack on September 13, 2009.

ChinaAid thanks those who have put pressure on the Chinese government to take action. We continue to call on the international community to voice their protests against the brutal treatment of Christians and the suppression of prayer gatherings and free communication. We pray for justice and healing for the victims of the attack.

We further pray for the souls of the participants in the crime, that they will be internally convicted of their inhumane treatment of others be brought to justice under the Chinese law 

Contact the following offices in Fushan County (supervised by) Linfin City:

Mayor’s Office of Linfin City: +86-357-209-1044

Public Security Bureau of Linfin City: +86-357-218-8317

Office of the Fushan County Administrator: +86-357-813-6099

Public Security Bureau of Fushan County: +86-357-812-6199

For English speakers, contact the Chinese Ambassador:

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong

3505 International Place, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 495-2000
Fax: (202) 588-9760

Chinese Embassy Press Secretary Baodong

Tel: 202-495-2218

NOTE: If you are a citizen of another country, please click here to find the contact information of the Chinese embassy in your own nation

Photos have been provided for ChinaAid’s use by members of Fushan Christian Church. ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please contact: with questions or requests for further information.

Remember China Tonight

For any SoCal friends out there, I have an update from Bob Fu which might interest you.  He is president of China Aid and actively supports Christians suffering persecution in China.  He will be holding a prayer vigil in L.A. at 8:00.  He also will speak at the event, which is being held at the Chinese Consulate General’s Office located at 443 Shatto Place.

For those of you (like me) who cannot get out to L.A., the event will be broadcast on the internet.  You may watch it right here.

Be Unfruitful & Do Not Multiply?

There are consequences for “Population” Control.

Fail to take seriously the command to be fruitful and multiply, and pay the long-term consequences.  Liberal policies on population control fed into the abortion mindset and cost China her future, just as China was on the verge of challenging the world as the next superpower.  Could it really be the case that China’s 1 child policy will cost her the future?  Looks like it.  So, officials are backing away from the one child policy, but it may be too late. 

First of all, a lot of damage has been done.  Second, parents no longer want a second child.  They’re having too much fun to risk being responsible for another child.  In other words, they adapted to the mindset that children are not a blessing but a curse.  They no longer want them.  Read an interesting article here.

Thumbs Up! I really like this

Check out this article concerning Steven Curtis Chapman and the ministry God has given him and his wife.  I really like the fact that this ministry is in a poor and needy area of China.  Read the article and see what you think.

Persecution Updates

From rescuing children who have been victimized in the global sex trade to fighting for freedom in North Korea or caring for orphans in Indonesia, the Jubilee Campaign, a catholic organization which seeks to minister to the suffering and persecuted church, carries on a vast array of projects around the world.  You can review some of them here: 

Update on the situation with refugees from North Korea: 

For an update on the persecution of house church Christians in China, see here: 

To read official court documents and follow a specific case of persecution in China, see this pdf: 

For an update on Pastor Gao, see this website:

I will post more sites and more updates later.  This should keep us busy for today.

Video of Gao Zhisheng

Voice of the Martyrs, along with China Aid, has produced a video detailing the case of Gao Zisheng, the Chinese attorney and activist for Christian freedoms in the Communist nation.  You can view the video (and see other ways to get involved) by clicking here.

Freedom Neither Fast Nor Easy

Tiananmen Square Leaders Issue Declaration of Repentance and Reconciliation on 20th Anniversary  

General - Tienanmen man with tank

May 6, 2009

Photo: June 4, 1989 — Tiananmen Square

USA — An unprecedented statement regarding the June 4, 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square was released today by more than 80 Chinese Christian leaders calling for forgiveness, repentance, truth, justice and reconciliation. The majority of the signatories were directly involved with the students’ movement, and suffered severe repercussions at the hands of authorities for their participation. In the aftermath of the massacre, the failure of the movement and in their search for truth, these leaders found reality and hope in Jesus Christ.

In their statement, the Christian leaders articulate how the massacre “awakened our sense of social justice as intellectuals… and shattered our dreams of utopia on earth.” Through this crisis, they saw they were not “entirely innocent bystanders of the sins and tragedy.”  The manifesto declares, “in terms of this sinful nature, we are not fundamentally different from the decision makers, commanders or transactors of the massacre, ” except for encountering the grace and forgiveness of God. The declaration calls on all Chinese Christians to seek reconciliation on the basis that truth must be revealed and justice done. The declaration lists specific actions including confessing the sins of silence and hypocrisy; revealing the truth; helping those still suffering as a result of this tragedy and praying for Chinese authorities. The signatories also urge Chinese authorities to investigate the massacre; fully disclose the truth; find the perpetrators; commemorate the massacre and compensate and care for the victims’ families.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre, known in China as the “June 4th Incident, ” was the tragic end to a movement of students and intellectuals calling for free media and formal dialogue between authorities and student-elected representatives. Between April 15 and June 4, approximately 100,000 Chinese citizens, the majority of whom were university students, led peaceful protests in Beijing’s famous Tiananmen Square. On June 4, the Chinese government sent in armored tanks and, as the world watched, killed hundreds of the demonstrators. According to the Chinese government, the official death toll was 200-300. However, the Chinese Red Cross estimated that the actual deaths were between 2,000 and 3,000. More than 10,000 Chinese citizens from all over China who were involved in the movement were sentenced to death by the government as retribution. June 4, 2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of the massacre.

Bob Fu, president and founder of ChinaAid, was one of the student leaders in the Tiananmen Square movement. “The fact that this tragic massacre happened 20 years ago and is still not allowed to be commemorated in China by the Chinese government, should remind the international community that the road toward true freedom for the Chinese people is not an easy one, ” Bob Fu stated. “We are encouraged that the persecuted Chinese church and church leaders are awakened to repent for their silence regarding the massacre and to move forward toward true justice and reconciliation.”

The declaration also issues a call to all Chinese Christian churches, within China and overseas, to pray between May 12 – the anniversary of the Sichuan Earthquake and June 4 – the anniversary of the massacre. They urge churches to make May 12 and June 4 “Pray for China” days and to hold special prayer meetings during that time.

ChinaAid calls on the international community to stand with the signatories of the declaration by joining them in prayer and action for true reconciliation.

Read the full text of the “Declaration of Chinese Christians on the 20th Anniversary of the June 4 Incident” in Madarin and in English.

The signatories of the declaration invite other Chinese Christians and church leaders to sign the declaration. Those interested in signing please e-mail

For media interviews with representatives of the signatories, contact:

For interviews either in Mandarin or English, contact, Rev. Yujian Hong in Canada at and +1-604-270-8353 and +1-604-327-1313.

For interviews in Mandarin only, contact Pastor Qianjin Zhang in the USA at  and +1-650-787-8759.

Media Contact: Katherine Cason (267) 210-8278 or
Washington, D.C. Contact: Jenny McCloy (202) 213-0506 or
Websites: and
Fax: (432) 686-8355

Free Gao

Gao is a brother in Christ from China. He has been missing since February 4th.  He has been tortured by Chinese authorities.  His family has escaped to the U.S., and you can help him now by clicking here.

Hebrews 13:3, “Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. “

Imagine This Scenario

I am linking here a letter that a wife has written on behalf of her husband.  Her husband has been in prison for 14 months.  Since last May, neither she nor her son has had any interaction with the imprisoned dad.  The Chinese authorities have kept this man locked up and isolated for 14 months.  The man is a believer in Christ.  He is being held, basically, until the authorities can find some evidence to use against him.  So far, nothing has been proven against him.  For 14 months, he has been in prison without enough evidence to convict him of anything.  Certainly, justice has failed.  I am linking this letter from his wife, pleading his case.  I cannot imagine what she has been going through these 14 months, but she is not bitter.

Contact the following Chinese government offices to express your concern for Alimujiang Yimiti:

The People’s Procurate of Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Tel: +86-991-2642000
The Supreme People’s Court of Xinjiang
Tel: +86-991-5959301 or +86-991-5959480
The Office of Inspector General for Law Enforcement of China
Tel: +86-10-62251925
Fax: +86-10-62254181
The Petition Office of the Supreme People’s Court of China
Tel: +86-10-63036424 or +86-10-83102103
ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please with questions or requests for further information. 

Persecution Violates Human Rights

This story from China Aid makes the claim that the persecution of Christians is a violation of human rights.  Isn’t it astounding that such a blatant reality has to be spelled out for folks?  Of course the persecution of Christians violates human rights!

Yet, as the story indicates, it must be spelled out because the dolts at the U.N. don’t seem to understand that human rights extend to Christians.  This report indicates that China’s record is not so good for 2008.  According to the 2008 report,

“The year of the Beijing Olympic Games marks a year of increased persecution of house church Christians. In 2008, the total number of house church Christians persecuted in the nation increased 157%. In Beijing alone, persecution increased 418%.”

Next week the U.N. will make some decisions about China based on this report.  This week is the time to get informed and involved. Read it now.

Good Job and Thanks

China Aid has just published a thank you letter from the family of a persecuted brother in China.  Your prayers have helped. We don’t often hear such words of encouragement.  Check out the story and consider offering prayers or sending aid.  The main prayer concern of this family is for the father to get to see the mother again before he dies, even if it is just a glance.  Dang, makes me cry just thinking about it…

Pastor Bike

You have heard of Pastor Bike before, but the latest news is good (though still not great).  On a good note, Pastor Bike has just received a payment for the crimes which were committed against him and his family by the Chinese PSB authorities.  You may remember that Pastor Bike’s son was beaten almost to death.  You can read about it here.

However, there is now a report that Pastor Bike is being watched.  Recently 12 PSB officers came to the home he was visiting and carried him away, putting him on a bus to another province.  So, even though he is free in the sense of not being in prison, he is not free.  You can read of the continued persecution in this report.



Forced Abortions

Not much has changed in China.  Sure, they have adopted a capitalist economic system–sort of; (it’s still under communist control).  At heart, however, the nation is still communist, which means it is still ungodly in its view of human life.  This story, which is not worth mentioning in U.S. news outlets, speaks of the horrors of forced abortion.  The story tells the plight of a young couple who already have two children.  The mother is expecting her third.  The Chinese authorities found out about it and seized her home.  Now, the choice is either abort the child or lose your home.  There is a U.S. ( Republican) representative trying to help.  Read the story here.

Smith and Wolf Good Job

Two Republican congressmen have done the right thing in calling for Secretary of State Rice to take action against the mistreatment of Christians in China.  Particularly in view here is Pastor Bike’s family.  China Aid Association documents the matter on their website. It is worth checking out and voicing your support.  With all the political rancor out there, it is good to see some of our congressmen actually working to serve others.