Do Barry, Barack, and Ronnie Have Free Speech?

Apparently, Ronnie Spriggs, pastor of Hager Hills Freewill Baptist Church in Eastern Kentucky, has Barry Lynn all in an uproar. Lynn told on Spriggs, reporting him to the IRS because Pastor Spriggs doesn't like President Obama's stance on gay marriage. You can read my take on this case over at Project 13:3.  There are sure... Continue Reading →

What! A doctor attempts to pray for his colleagues? Be ready, Christians. Shining your light might cost you.

Project 13:3

Imagine bragging that you have a light in your home, but you never turn it on. What would be the good of having a light but never letting it shine?  Light is meant to shine. Light, by nature, shines into darkness. Jesus calls Christians “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14).  Just as it is impossible for the sun to remain the sun without shining its light, so, too, it is impossible for a Christian to remain a Christian without shining the light.

Therefore, Christians will be persecuted by those who hate the light (John 3:19-21).  We understand the dynamic, even if we are saddened by it. At times it is difficult to understand why we enrage people merely by shining a little light into their lives.  Take, for example, the case of Dr. David Drew in the UK.

As Christian Concern reports, Dr. Drew had the audacity to…

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Garden Majesty

[This post was composed on the morning of June 25, 2011, in honor of a certain young lady who helped her Daddy in the garden.] Chivalry these days appears to be in hiding, and some think it is dead altogether; but I am happy to report that chivalry has made his appearance known today in... Continue Reading →

Keeping Coffee Fresh

I don't post much on coffee, but I am guessing that many of you have wondered what is the best way to keep your coffee fresh.  There are a lot of rituals out there about how to keep your coffee fresh, but, honestly, the best way is to buy Kerusso Coffee and leave it in... Continue Reading →

Emergency h1n1

I am glad to hear this response from Secondhand Smoke regarding the emergency declaration by President Obama.  Wesley J. Smith had the same initial reaction as I had to the news.  It makes me think I am not crazy.  Of course, it could simply mean we are both crazy.  It seems to me that some... Continue Reading →

The Corner on National Review Online

Check out the entry from Thursday at The Corner by Mark Hemingway; it is astounding what blinders operate in the press.  We must continue to speak up and point out such glaring hypocrisy because there are still many folks who are reasonable and do not hate Christians.  Interesting, too, is a comparison of the science produced... Continue Reading →

Twitter and Friends

Dr. Mohler and John Piper have both written small pieces praising Twitter for the power it possesses to spread good news and good intentions.  Even though this story does not have spreading the good news of salvation in view, it is a tangible demonstration of the power of Twitter and other new media to do... Continue Reading →

Check Out This Hilarious Headline

Argentine glacier advances despite global warming (AP) It speaks for itself, doesn't it?

FYI New Wave

There's a new wave of internet technology on its way.  Check out google wave.  It is the next generation of communication technology for the internet.  It's like e-mail, instant messaging, Facebook, and a few others all rolled into one.

Charlie Bit My Finger

If you haven't seen this video, you have missed out on a treat.  Take a quick look, and see if you don't laugh.  Great kid moment.

Google Tip

I learned a trick recently from my sister.  You might already know it, but, if you do not, you will be glad to find out about this google service.  If you have text messaging on your phone, you can get quick access for free to the google internet database. Google has search terms like weather,... Continue Reading →

Only in Louisiana

I have a couple of pictures here from the trip back home which I thought were peculiar to the swampland.  I post them here for your enjoyment.  The first is a friendly reminder to food stamp purchasers. (In case you are wondering, the word is "boo-dan," and the taste is delicious.  We purchased some to... Continue Reading →

Way to Go, Britt Hume

Wow, Go Britt Hume.  Read this interview, especially to the end.  Many public figures will say that they want to retire in order to spend more time with family, but this is refreshingly new to me.  Mr. Hume wants to retire so he can spend more time in Bible Study? Super fantastic job, Mr. Hume.   

Palin’s Anthropology Live

One of the most hopeful signs of Sara Palin’s rise to the VP nomination for Republicans is what she brings to the table of humanity. Sara Palin’s life (her anthropology lived out) highlights the strength of the conservative tradition and the weakness of the liberal. Allow me to explain. When one looks at Palin’s family,... Continue Reading →

More On Orissa, India

If you followed the India post below, you may want to know that the violence has only gotten worse. My good brother Dr. Mooney has updated his blog with the latest on the killings in India. Read more at SoCal Theologica...

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