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I learned a trick recently from my sister.  You might already know it, but, if you do not, you will be glad to find out about this google service.  If you have text messaging on your phone, you can get quick access for free to the google internet database.

Google has search terms like weather, directions, definition, spelling.  If you send a text message to google (466453) with one of these search terms, the google database will very quickly text you back the answer to your question (for free).  So, for instance, you might not know how to spell sargeant.  Text “spelling sargeant” to google, and google will quickly text you back “sargeant; sergeant,” letting you know the correct spelling is “sergeant.”  Likewise, you might text “Weather Louisville.”  You will get back the weather forecast very quickly. 

Sometimes, google also sends an extra text message with a website advertisement on it, but the answers to your questions always come back quickly.  You can even get simple directions, such as “directions Louisville to Bardstown.”  Try it out and see if you like the google features.  I use the feature for definitions and for weather.

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  1. Another texting tip….You can ask cha-cha a question including weather, random facts, history stuff etc. The number is 242242. My kids ask cha-cha several things just for fun!


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