Palin’s Anthropology Live

One of the most hopeful signs of Sara Palin’s rise to the VP nomination for Republicans is what she brings to the table of humanity. Sara Palin’s life (her anthropology lived out) highlights the strength of the conservative tradition and the weakness of the liberal. Allow me to explain.

When one looks at Palin’s family, he is immediately taken by the fact that a mother of five is governor of a state and potentially will be the Vice President of the nation. Next, one notices that Palin is married to a blue-collar, sled-racing fisherman/oil-field worker. And, in a day of aborting “defective” babies, the fact that Governor Palin—a working woman with a political career—gave birth to a Down syndrome child (in a day when 90% of babies diagnosed with DS are aborted) speaks volumes about her view of human life.

Sara Palin’s life highlights the fact that Americans don’t need government dependency in order to succeed. She and her husband didn’t have enough money for a wedding; so, they spent their $35 at the local courthouse and were married. They are still married. Now, she is the governor and potential Vice President—all without government assistance.

Palin highlights the divide between the liberal views of humanity and her own. In Palin’s world, it is ok for a governor to be married to a fisherman. The liberal (more socialistic) view, pits these classes against each other. The liberal view—say, in the vein of Edwards, Obama, and Biden—thrives on driving a wedge between the “two Americas,” between the so-called “haves” and “have nots.” How many of us—even conservatives—think somehow Palin is above her husband in class or worth? This thinking does not come from the Judeo-Christian view of human worth or human calling. Both Palin and her husband are fulfilling their calling—their vocation. Both have significance and worth. Their worth is not found in fulfilling a service to the state; their worth is not found in being victims in need of the state; their worth is found in fulfilling their calling.

Nowhere is the case for human dignity (and fulfilled calling) highlighted better than in the case of Palin’s last child Trig Paxson Van Palin. The Palins believed that this Down syndrome child was a gift to them from God. They never hesitated to affirm the worth of this child. Obama stumbled and mumbled about pay grades when asked about human rights for babies. Sara Palin has answered the question clearly with the birth of her 5th child. Her story highlights liberal weaknesses and affirms human worth: Babies are humans, too, even those who may have chromosomal disorders.

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  1. That was one of the best choices McCain could possibly make.
    If I needed any motivation, at all, to be fully behind him, that was defiantly it.


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