11 Babies in 2 Boats

Here is a bit of a dilemma for you to consider; it comes from an infamous atheist who is propagating his unbelief on the open market.  Against the evangelical view of holding all life sacred, this atheist puts forward the following scenario which, in his mind, demonstrates that we don’t “really” believe all life is sacred from conception:


Imagine there are two small boats about to cross over “the point of no return” to their inevitable doom, as the river’s current is preparing to dump them over the edge of Niagara Falls.  In the one boat, there is a single baby boy, unable to help himself.  In the other boat, there is a package of 10 human embryos, obviously unable to help themselves either.  You, the rescuer, know that you have time to save only one boat.  Which boat do you save?  If you really believe that life begins at conception, then you have a dilemma with which to wrestle.  What do you say?  What ought to be considered? 

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  1. This is a tricky scenario but we all know that any red blooded American would deffenatlly go after the Boat with the one older Baby, especially if he or she hears cries of distress during the decision making process. Also Knowing that Somewhere is a mother that has invested months of bonding, and the chances of all ten less developed babies successfully surviving what ever else they have to endure is very slim, another thought to consider is that dieing from a fall would be more dignified than being dissected for science. This is merely an atheist trying to trip us up on our own words, Here is my closing thoughts: I may be speaking from the flesh but if you told me the older baby would grow into this said atheist I would reconsider everything I just said. Isn’t it ironic how he uses this boat going over a waterfall example, it mirrors the same condition he’s in without Christ


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