The Height of a Tiger

You have to see this; it is incredible.  Watch the video [click here] and see whether you can spot the very large female tiger stalking these men on the elephant.  The tigress killed a couple of cows in this area (India) so several park rangers went search for her.  They found her.  They know where she is; yet, she still surprises them.  They are unable to catch her or subdue her.  She leaps 12 feet into the air and attacks the man sitting on top of the elephant.  Though you cannot see it in this video, the elephant traps the tiger under her foot for a while, but the tiger gets away.  The man on the elephant throws a metal rod at the tiger (which she dodges in mid-flight).  The man lost 3 fingers off his left hand as a result of the attack.

What do you think?

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