Huck’s Latest Moves

Evangelicals are having a difficult time deciding, apparently.  For the life of me, I cannot understand, at this point in the race, why any evangelical would endorse Rudy or Mitt.  The one is clearly not pro-life, family, or marriage, the other seems unsure.  Is it really just a pragmatic decision for evangelicals?  Are there no principles?  Is life sacred?  This early in the race, there is the possibility that a dark horse candidate might pull it off (as Clinton did in the 90’s).  Huck may just do it.  He is clearly the most reliable pro-life candidate in the race.  This article fleshes out where evangelicals are landing.  Huck is starting to attract more endorsements.  Bob Jones went to Mitt Romney, as did Wayne Grudem.  Pat Robertson, of course, endorsed Rudy this week.  Dobson has not declared, but he is supposedly leaning toward Huckabee.  I think it is good that evangelicals are broad-based like this, but I still am not sure why someone would endorse Mitt or Rudy so early.  This story offers a good overview of the situation.

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