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We had an outstanding evening Sunday, as we celebrated our 6th International Day of Prayer.  We call the program “One Night for the World.”  Our hope is to get Christians to unite together for one night in order to pray for Christ’s church around the world.  We did that this past Sunday.  Although there were only 5 churches represented, the program was a remarkable success.  More than 200 Christians were gathered for genuine worship and praise.  We sang “Halleleujah, Glory be to our great God,” at the top of our lungs and rattled the light fixtures; it was glorious.  Testimonies of persecuted Christians partnered with prayers and praise from God’s people was almost—almost—too much!  It was simply magnificent.  Glory to God, this is how the church of Jesus Christ is supposed to act.  May we see more and more nights such as this one in the days to come.  I would love to hear from others about their International Day of Prayer events.

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  1. AMEN! We need to do that more often! Words can’t express how absolutely awesome that night was!
    I heard on the radio today that one church mimicked what it would be like in a persecuted country and held an underground service in their basement w/candlelight & there was a secret knock you had to know in order to come in.
    On a personal note, It’s hard to even imagine what our Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ have to go through everyday. Even though we hear stories, I think it’s just something that is beyond our comprehension because of our over abundance. I pray to be able to experience Christ the way our Brothers and Sisters experience Him. That, will be Awesome!


  2. Norco had a great evening too. Cedar Grove Baptist’s own Rachael Hurt joined us and was a blessing to all. Kim Alexander from VOM also joined us and was extremely informative. She is a precious believer. We were also blessed to be joined by other churches this year so that our sanctuary was full and we even had a few in our overflow area. It was exciting to see so many people moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for our brothers and sisters world wide. Kim’s table had a line as people desired to get more information to take with them. We also had ordered free “praying through the window” guides to give to those who would pray. We gave out many of them.
    May Christ continue to be glorified in His church.


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