What Should a Christian Think About 2016 the Movie?


Reviewing the various articles about 2016: The Movie leaves one wondering what we ought to think about Dinesh Christian Post Christian ethics 2016 movieD’Souza’s recent portrayal of our President.  NPR thinks it’s the work of a Right-Wing political hack (which D’Souza is not. He is a principled conservative with a compelling argument, whether he is correct or not).

ABC News thinks the movie is disingenuous. Rupert Murdoch gives it a big thumbs up. None of the criticism was unexpected.  But what was unexpected by the movie makers was the cold shoulder the film has received from Christian media outlets.

According to this report from the Christian Post, outlets like Christianity Today and World Magazine have avoided coverage of the movie so as to avoid appearing partisan.  I suppose I agree with the tenor of that position, but I would say also that it would be nice to appeal to reason and, thus, transcend either political party.

In other words, each political party would try to manipulate the position of a Christian news agency–either to minimize their influence or maximize their appeal for political purposes. I am not sure that voluntary neutering is the answer to that dilemma. It seems to me that the film should be critiqued on the basis of the strength of its argument.

I’m curious what others are thinking about the movie. I thought there were a few elements which were over the top–such as the assertion that there may be a United States of Islam. Honestly, I can’t see there being enough cooperation between the states mentioned for that to ever happen–much less that it would happen in the next 4 years.  Little exaggerations like that, I found distracting.

However, the movie overall offered a compelling narrative of the life and mission of President Obama. Claims that the President is a Muslim have always seemed too artificial. D’Souza does a good job of presenting his case for President Obama seeking to fulfill the dreams from his father concerning an equalizing of third world nations with western powers.

Have you seen the movie? Should Christian news outlets review it? What were your thoughts about the movie?


2 thoughts on “What Should a Christian Think About 2016 the Movie?

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  1. I saw it and agree with your reaction. It was not for the most part over-the-top conspiracy theory kind of stuff. What made D’Souza’s arguments so compelling to me was that he used so many lines from Obama’s book Dream From My Father. To me this solidified D’Souza’s interpretation of many puzzling things Obama has said. I highly recommend it to other people.


  2. Yeah, Leslie, I thought the tie-in to his autobiography made perfect sense. Then, I couldn’t help but wonder why others had not already seen the obvious. The book title alone tells the story, but somehow no one picked up on what the book was about until the 4th year of his presidency. Did people just buy the book and not read it? Have no scholars been poring over it to establish its autobiographical narrative? I couldn’t help being stymied by how it was possible for the obvious to remain unknown about Barack Obama. D’Souza made sense of the book, and the movie had the temperament of “I’m trying to figure out who our president really is.” It did not feel partisan to me.


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