Why that Odd Facebook Symbol Is So Important

Christian persecution Iraq Maybe you have seen this little wine-cup looking symbol on your friend’s Facebook page and wondered what it means.  It means Christians are being targeted for death in Mosul, Iraq.  I am so thankful that someone thought to create symbol sent through Social Media to call attention to the plight of Christians suffering genocide in Iraq.

The symbol apparently started circulating in Lebanon and has caught on around the world. The symbol is actually an Arabic “n,” which is what ISIS soldiers in Mosul have used to abbreviate Nazara, a term for Christians in the Middle East.  Basically, those whose homes are thus marked are subject to death, unless they (a) convert to Islam or (b) pay an oppressive tax to stay alive (all explained here).  Here is how one report details the horror:

On Monday, which was normally pay day for municipal workers in Mosul, state workers were ordered not to pay the Christian employees. ISIS also forbid food to be distributed to Christian or Shiite families.

One state employee told the Arabic news outlet Ankawa that he was “warned that if he gives rations to Christians and Shiites, he will be charged and prosecuted according to Sharia law.”

The pressure continued later in the week, when ISIS cut off electricity to homes owned by Christians. The following day ISIS soldiers Christian persecution Mosul Iraqreportedly painted “N” on the doors of Christians to signify that they are “Nazara,” the word for Christian. Shiite homes were painted with the letter “R” for “Rwafidh,” meaning rejectors or protestants.

As a result, nearly the entire population of Christians in Mosul have fled, leaders say.

While I feel for the Shiites, too, and hope that we will advocate for them as well as for the Christians who are suffering, I feel compelled to join the movement to put an arabic “n” on my Facebook profile for a little while. It will remind me to pray if nothing else. But it will also keep the symbol out there for the world to ask and answer gravely serious questions.

By the way, I changed the symbol to red because the doors in Mosul are reportedly marked with red (perhaps to symbolize blood, “death to this house”–kind of a morbid reversal of the Passover markings!)

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  1. This truly breaks my heart, I cannot believe how the entire world turns a blind eye to this, then again, Christ foretold us this would happen

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  2. Thanks for the post. The symbolism is so symbolic that it isn’t symbolic – it is. There is one bit of encouraging news. This headline was in the NY Times on Friday “ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Flee Mosul.” Everybody knows.

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      1. As an Iraqi Sunni Muslim, I’m proud to come from a country where so many religions have lived together for thousands of years unharmed and without any problems. This so called ‘Isis’ no one knows who they are and where they are from , some don’t even speak Arabic, and only God knows who is funding them! Thanks to the American invasions all hell broke loose!


  3. Thank you for sharing this important message. I am so sad. God wants peace, not persecution. I pray the world’s people will “live and let live”.


    1. First,… any and all victims of ISIS/ISIL or the islamic state need our prayers regardless of their faith. Simply put,.. ISIL are a bunch or really bad people and some really bad people just need killin. Pray for peace,…but that is not what God’s word says is going to happen here.

      I think thats where America comes in. God uses nations,…just like he uses people,…regardless of their faith. For example: God previously used the Babylonians to sack Jeruslaem and enslave the Isaelites. Now hes using the Baylonioans(Iraqis) to persecute Christians testing the faithful and fulfilling the prophesy. There arent to many prophesies left unfulfilled that foretell his return. Lets be vigilant.

      Its is important to note how easy the media wants to classify Yazidis as Christians. I think if most Americans understood the Yazid faith,…they wouldnt be calling them Christians. Nonetheless, I am sure there are some Chritians in northern Iraq that I have not encounterd and who are indeed being persecuted,…that doesnt mean there are not still plenty of bad people that just need killin.

      Greg Gaweda


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